Treva and Pele: These are F3 puppies.  They will all have a wavy coat Treva has a curly coat and Pelé has dominant furnishing but zero curl which is great!  Treva is also one of Baileys daughters.  They were born 7/24 and will be ready in September.  This is a first litter with these two parents but Treva has had some very smart and pretty puppies.  should also be low shedding if at all.

Bacote and Duggy: Multigenerational litter with both parents being F1b mini Goldendoodles.  We will have all three coat types from curly to no curl; although with dominant furnishings, even coats with genetically no copies of curl will still have some curl to the coat  as adults.  Puppies were born July 11th and will be 8 weeks old September 5th.

The markings on these puppies really shocked us!  Although they look photo-shopped, 5 have perfect hearts on their heads. Both parents are off-spring from some of our favorite dogs that are in our program!  These puppies are multigenerational or F3 mini Goldendoodles.  They will all have that classic wavy-curly doodle coat.  Born on June 24tth and would be ready to go in late August.

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Our Current and Upcoming Litters

Brenda and Pelé

Sage and Gunner

We have a couple of puppies that are ready to go at any time.  Two are mini Bernedoodle girls.  Sage is really small and will be a max of 30 pounds but quite likely smaller and her sister Parsley will be 35-40.  Parsley is a blue merle and has two blue eyes!  We also have one mini Goldendoodle boy that is an F2b.  He is the traditional teddy bear color dark blonde and will be 25-30 pounds with a wavy coat.

Scroll down to see the current litters that we have.  We are expecting several litters with that classic teddybear look and some litters with reds, chocolates and blacks and whites and merles.  Some of these moms have "past puppy"  buttons so you can see what their puppies will look like as they become older pups and adults.  Check them out and contact us for any questions or check out our "purchasing" page.

These are F3 puppies which means multigenerational or that both parents are goldendoodles.  The best part is that we know each parent has two dominant furnishings so all of the puppies will as well.  That means they are as low shedding as any poodle.  We will have both wavy and curly coats. They should mature 20-35 pounds.  They were born July 1st and will be 8 weeks old Aug 26th.   We have had one litter with these two parents before and they can be seen in Sages past puppy button.  We have three girls and 4 boys.  

Bacote and Duggy

Treva and Pelé