F1 medium Goldendoodles Puppies

This litter is a mulligan or F3 litter of petite and mini Goldendoodles. Beth has gorgeous puppies and this litter is no exception.  This is her first litter with Pelé as the dad.  I know the entire litter will have that perfect wavy/curly coat.  They were born May 9th and we will be sending them out close to July 9th.


When you think of the classic Goldendoodle puppy, you probably have an image that looks like one of this girls puppies in your head!  Very pretty pups and their temperament does not disappoint!   These are f1b puppies and most will mature 25-35 pounds.  These will all be gorgeous red and blonde puppies.  Many of them actually darken as they age which is unusual.   We have both wavy and curly coats.  This litter was born May 20th.  We will probably be sending out mid July. 

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Our Current and Upcoming Litters

​Penny is the Daughter of Bailey and Yukon and she is just a delightful little dog.  She is so intuitive and personable that she has been super easy to train.  She's a small f1b weighing about 22 pounds and Gunner is about 17 pounds so these are petite puppies.  His past puppies have been maturing really small even with bigger girls.  Both parents are very outgoing and loving so these should be amazing little dogs.   

We don't often have the first generation Goldendoodles because they typically run larger than our mini goldendoodles.  These 3 girls have a full golden Retreiver mom and the dad is Rosco our mini poodle dad. They will mature 30-45 pounds and will have a wavy curly coat. The nice thing about these particular parents is that they both have a minus minus on shed locust mc5r.  So that is best case senecio  for an f1 Goldendoodle.  They will still be very low shedding and with that high percentage of golden Retreiver they will have awesome temperaments.

Bailey and Yukon

Silver and Rosco:

We have a brand new litter of F1b Mini Bernedoodle puppies.  Mom has a higher than usual percentage of Bernese at 64.1% and dad is our AKC mini poodle male Rosco.  The puppies would be about 36% Bernese and 64% Poodle.  We should have both wavy and curly coats.  The puppies were born April 24th and will be ready to go in late June.

Beth and Pelé

Scroll down to see the current litters that we have.  We are expecting several litters with that classic teddybear look and some litters with reds, chocolates and blacks and whites and merles.  Some of these moms have "past puppy"  buttons so you can see what their puppies will look like as they become older pups and adults.  Check them out and contact us for any questions or check out our "purchasing" page.

These are F1b puppies and should mature 25-35 pounds.  We have both wavy and curly coats in this litter.  They were born May 8th and will be 8 weeks old July 3rd.  They will have their second round of vaccinations and vetted later that week.  We will have them ready for pickup close to July 9th.  We will have individual pictures in a couple of weeks.  There are five boys and 3 girls.