Beth and Jasper: These are F1bb petite Goldendoodles.  Beth is about 22 pounds and Jasper is 12 pounds.  Both parents have curly coat, so we know that the entire litter will as well.   These will be small maturing dogs that we expect to range teens up to low 20's.  These puppies will be ready at the end of November.

Our Current and Upcoming Litters

Rose and Yukon:  Rose is a small F1b goldendoodle and weighs about 28 pounds and Yukon is an AKC miniature poodle weighing about 18 pounds.  Both parents have a curly coat, so we expect all of the puppies to be curly as well.  We expect the puppies to mature teens to 25 pounds. This is a repeat cross and most of the puppies in Rose's past puppy button are older siblings.  They often darken as they age.

 We have two litters right now that are probably claimed with deposits.  We are going through our deposit holders now and offering puppies.  Our next litters will be ready toward the spring months.