Buffy and Yukon

These are F1b mini to Medium Goldendoodle puppies in that traditional Carmel teddy bear color.  Paula is one of our larger moms at 55 pounds and Rosco is about 16.  They will mature 30-35 pounds one of the boys may be a little larger.  I did not previously put them on my website because I thought they were going to a training center but the center has taken some slightly older puppies.  They were born August 11th and will be vetted at 8 weeks and ready for new homes October 8th.  More and better pictures coming soon!  Two boys and two girls.

F1 Mini Bernedoodle Puppies


Paula and Rosco

This is an exciting litter for us!  Marlo is a daughter of one of our favorite moms "Rou" and this is her first litter.  She carries a lot of colors and perfect non shedding hair genetics.  Gunner also carries lots of colors and has non shedding genetics.  The litter did not disappoint!  We have a beautiful range of colors with both blue and chocolate merles, a phantom and traditional teddy bear  colors too.  These F3 generation puppies have no choice other than to inherit two copies of Dominant furnishings which means they are as non shedding as any poodle.  They were born September 25th and would be ready for new homes around Thanksgiving.  Both parents are under 25 pounds so the puppies will likely all be petite size.

Rou and Aubie

Crystal and Yukon

Crystal is a young mom and this is her first litter.  She is an F1 and our mini boy Rosco is her dad.  She is about 28 pounds and has a curly coat.  She has had a gorgeous litter of 7 mini F1b Goldendoodle puppies on September 27th.  The father of the puppies is Yukon our mini poodle. All of the puppies will be curly but should be a nice size for F1b since Crystals dad is a little guy.  We expect 20-25 pounds.  They will be 8 weeks old November 22nd.

Our Current and Upcoming Litters

Puppies in Training

Rou is one of our very favorite moms!  It has been quite a while since we have had her puppies and we are excited to have these.  She is an F1b goldendoodle and is mated to Aubie.  He is an AKC mini poodle from imported Russian lines.  These will be F1bb puppies and we should have both very curly and wavy curly coats all with double dominant furnishings.  That means no shedding.  They will mature teens to 25 pounds.  We should have blondes to dark reds.  Rou had her puppies October 7th and they will be eight weeks old December 2nd. We will take individual photos soon.

These two girls are going to a trainer for three weeks to start basic obedience and be started on crate training.  They could stay for additional training if requested.  Please reach out for pricing and information.

This is a gorgeous little of F1 Mini Bernedoodles.  We have had a previous litter with Wendy our full Bernese Mountain Dog Mom/Mini poodle dad and they matured 38-45 pounds and are absolute head turners.  We find that Bernedoodles are very adaptable and confident dogs.  They don't like to play fetch as much as our goldendoodles but do love water.  They are lower energy once they mature and typically stay closer to their person.  We have both the highly desirable Tri-color pattern and Blue Merle Tri-color puppies.  They were born October 2nd and will be 8 weeks old November 27th.

Marlo and Gunner

Buffy and Yukon:  F1b mini to medium  goldendoodle puppies.  They will range from Wavy to curly.  Expecting all to be that traditional teddy bear coloring from Blonde to Red with some white markings.  Buffy is one of our bigger girls so some of the boys may range into the medium size.  Update: Buffy had one little male puppy on 9/27.  He will be 8 weeks old on November 22nd.  I will just post his photo here.

Scroll down to see the current litters that we have.  We frequently have puppies with that classic teddybear look. We also have litters with dark reds, chocolates, blacks, creams, parti and merles.  With our guardian homes, we have grown to the point that we have litters almost monthly and "yes" we will have puppies at Christmas and are taking deposits on those litters.  Some of these moms have "past puppy"  buttons so you can see what their puppies will look like as they become older pups and adults.  Check them out and contact us for any questions or check out our "purchasing" page.