Paris and Pelé: This is the very first litter with these two parents.  Pelé is our Shelby's son and actually has a zero curl coat that is as soft and silky as his moms.  These are F3 puppies meaning both parents are F1b or multigenerational. We  expect them to mature in the mid to high 20's.  They were born March 24th.  We are currently running full genetic panels on these puppies and they may be available after we receive that testing.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Our Current and Upcoming Litters

Buffy and Rosco:  This is an F1b litter of mini Goldendoodles with Buffy who is a 42 pound first cross Goldendoodle and Rosco a 15 pound AKC mini-poodle.  This is our second litter of mini-goldendoodles with Buffy but she is the sister to Bailey, who has had some beautiful puppies and has a past puppy tab. You can check those out under the Doodettes tab.  We expect the puppies to mature in the 20-30 pound range.  This is a beautiful litter of 6 girls and 3 boys born March 22rd and will be 8 weeks old May17th.  We will be sending out May 21st.

Bella and Jasper:

We have a brand new litter of F1b Mini Bernedoodle puppies.  Mom has a higher than usual percentage of Bernese at 64.1% and dad is our AKC mini poodle male Rosco.  The puppies would be about 36% Bernese and 64% Poodle.  We should have both wavy and curly coats.  The puppies were born April 24th and will be ready to go in late June.

Scroll down to see the current litters that we have.  We are expecting several litters with that classic teddybear look and some litters with reds, chocolates and blacks and whites and merles.  Some of these moms have "past puppy"  buttons so you can see what their puppies will look like as they become older pups and adults.  Check them out and contact us for any questions or check out our "purchasing" page.

These are F1b puppies and should mature 25-30 pounds.  We have both wavy and curly coats in this litter.  This is Bella's first litter but we know that Jasper's puppies have had wonderful dispositions.  They were born February 28th and will be vetted and ready for pickup close to May 7th.