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Puppy Development 

Studies have shown that puppy's benefit greatly from early handling and exposure to different sights and sounds.  We only have a small number of litters each year and spend a great deal of time with the puppies.  We also know that the temperament of the parents is a big factor.  Our goal is to send our puppies home with their new family as ​confident, friendly and ready to learn individuals.

We raised our first golden doodles over ten years ago and have loved them ever since.  With family members that have dog allergies, they were the perfect fit.

Genetic Disease Testing

I am a biologist and enjoy genetics.  I understand the value of producing pets that will have a long quality life.  We have tested our dogs for all of the known diseases that can affect Golden Retrievers and Poodles.   We would never want to experience the heartbreak of having our beloved pets develop a debilitating condition.  Research is evolving concerning mapping the canine genome and this information helps us produce puppies that are nonshedding and have a particular type of coat.


We know that house training a new puppy is a challenge.  When our puppies go home with you they will be litter box trained and come with instructions on how to continue our program.  click the image above for more info. 

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