Bailey and Yukon:  This is a repeat breeding with this pair and most of the puppies in Bailey's "past puppy" button are older full siblings (and they are gorgeous!).  These are F1b puppies with both wavy and curly coats.


Dora and Rascal: This is a second litter with these two parents.  Their last puppies are really handsome Goldendoodles and are maturing around 20-25 pounds.  They are F1b puppies with some having a wavy coat and others two genetic copies for curl.  This litter is all reserved but we will have a similar litter in a few months. 

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Our Current and Upcoming Litters

Diva and Yukon: These will all be curly F1b mini Goldendoodles.  Diva is an F1 Goldendoodle meaning first cross (50% poodle and 50% Golden retriever).  She is a well-built handsome girl weighing about 42 pounds and has a luxurious thick curly coat and a bubbly disposition.   These should be some beautiful puppies.  

Paula and Jasper:  Paula is an F1 Goldendoodle weighing about 50 pounds and Jasper is an AKC miniature poodle weighing about 12 pounds.  These are F1b puppies.  Most have that classic Doodle wavy/curly coat.  Both parents have a minus minus on shed locust MC5R which is unusual.  That means they are going to all be very low to zero shedding even though they are low curl.  We expect them to mature to be 25-38 pounds.  Jasper's past puppies have gotten great feedback as being calm natured sweet puppies.  This is our first litter with Paula.

Wendy is a full Bernese mountain dog.  The dad is Rosco.  He has been the father of some of our mini Goldendoodles but we searched him out as a tiny puppy specifically for making gorgeous Bernedoodles and he certainly does!  He is an AKC registered mini poodle with excellent hair traits and a very friendly outgoing personality.  We ran genetics panels on a few of our first litter pups and it estimated the pups to be around 40-45 pounds, but we see that some are maturing in the 30’s.  The puppies were born February 3rd and will be 8 weeks old March 31st.  They are F1 Bernedoodles and will have a wavy curly coat.

Scroll down to see the current litters that we have.  We have several litters with that classic teddybear look and one litter with chocolates and blacks.  Some of these moms have "past puppy"  buttons so you can see what their puppies will look like as they become older pups and adults.  Check them out and contact us for any questions or check out our "purchasing" page.