​reservedFable wavy Red Girl

​reservedFayla Drk Blonde wavy/curly girl

Bailey and Yukon   This litter is all reserved but we have a couple of similar litters coming up in the next couple of months

This is a repeat litter for this pair.  We have been very pleased with their puppies.  The puppies have been easily trained and many are very laid back.  Some of them are also some of the darkest red pups that we have seen.  This current litter was born on January 5th and will be heading to new homes the week of March 1st.   These are F1b puppies and the past pups have had a huge range in size maturing from 20-48 pounds.   

​reserved Finn Red Curly Boy

​reservedFay drk Blonde wavy girl

​reservedFlynt Wavy red boy

​reservedFairy wavy Red Girl