​KeepingCollar Merle Female

​reservedBlue Collar Blk & Wht Male

​Reserved Collar Merle Female

F1 Bernedoodle Puppies

​reservedGrey Collar Blk & White Male

​reservedPurple Collar Blk & Wht female

​ReservedBlack ​Collar Merle Male

​reservedOrange Collar Merle Male

​reserved Collar Blk & Wht Female

​this litter is all claimed but we are expecting an f1b litter to be born in November with the same dad and they will have similar looks.  Wendy is a full Bernese mountain dog.  The dad is Rosco.  He has been the father of some of our mini Goldendoodles but we searched him out as a tiny puppy specifically for making gorgeous Bernedoodles and he has finally pulled it off!  He is an AKC registered mini poodle with excellent hair traits and a very friendly outgoing personality.  We expect these puppies to mature around 40 pounds.  The puppies were born July 11th and will be 8 weeks old September 5th.

​reservedYellow Collar Merle Female

​reservedWhite Collar Blk & Wht Female

​reserved Collar Blk & Wht Female