"Jam" Yellow Paw Collar Boy

Beth and Pelé's F3 Mini/petite Goldendoodle Puppies

Beth is an F1b mini  Goldendoodle weighing just under 30 pounds and Pele is a 19 pound multigenerational petite Goldendoodle.  We expect this litter to mature in the teens to 25 pounds.  This is our first litter with this pair but Beth has had some wonderful puppies.  Palé is actually the grandson of both Rou and Shelby from our doodettes page so he comes from great dogs.  These puppies are considered F3 or Multigenerational goldendoodles and will be amazing dogs.  All of these puppies will have the perfect wavy/curly coat. They were born May 9th and we will send out July 9th.

​reserved Maly"Pistachio" Red Paw Collar Boy

​hold"Prosciutto" Green Paw Collar Boy

​hold"Ritz" Drk Blue Paw Collar Boy

"Honey” lime green paw collar Female 

Charcuterie Board Litter