reservedSevgi"Bliss" Girl 3

​reservedhutcher"Snuggles" Boy 3

reserved "Crush" Boy 4 .

​reserved"Cheerish" Girl 5

The Language of Love

Brenda and Pelé   What a special litter!  No we did not photo shop the heart shaped markings on several of the puppies but they are perfect ;-)  Brenda is actually the daughter of Bailey who has had some wonderful puppies and you can see those by going to our doodettes page and clicking her "past puppies" button.   Brenda is a dark red 22-25 pound f1b Goldendoodle and Pele is a small parti 18 pound F3 Goldendoodle.  These puppies will be considered F3 or "mulitgens", although we find that this combo usually has about the same percentage Golden/Poodle as F1b pups.  These puppies should have perfect coats and be wavy/curly.   The puppies were born June 24th and probably will go out around August 27th.  They should mature around 20-25 pounds.  

​pending"Amore" boy 2.

​reserved"Adore" Girl 4

reserved"Lovie" Girl 2

rserved"Heart" boy 1

​ReservedEvansFancy" Girl 1