​reserved"Rouger" cream boy

Candy's F3 Puppies

​reserved"Weatherby" Black Girl

reserved"Benelli" Merle Boy

Locked and Loaded Litter

Coco and Pelé

​reservedMenne"Dragon Roll" black boy 3

"Loveboat" black boy 2 

Coco and Pele:  These are multigenerational or F3 petite to mini goldendoodles.  We expect the puppies to range in weight from 20-25 pounds.  Mom is about 28 and dad is just under 20.  We will have a range of coat types in this litter.  Pelé the dad actually has non shedding hair genetics AND genetically has no curl to his coat.   It still looks curly because of his excellent coat type and dominant furnishings.  Born July 27th and will be ready for new homes at the end of September beginning of October.  

 "Nori" black Girl 2 

​reserved"Miso" blonde girl 1  

​"Wasabi" blonde Boy1 

​reserved"Mauser" Black Boy

​reserved"Beretta" Cream Girl

Candy is the super curly version of her sister Coco.  She's a little smaller and is about 25 pounds.  Her puppies will be teens to 25 pounds.  They were born August 5th and we are sending out the same time as her sisters which will be at the end of September/beginning of October at 8 weeks. They will all be wavy/curly.  We also know that this entire litter will be as non shedding as any poodle because of both parents hair genetics.

Sushi Litter