Delia & Yukon

​Reserved Blair  Orange Collar Girl

​reserved Hochman Dark Blue collar boy

reserved Hundley Red Collar girl

​reserved​CarverRust collar boy

​reserved​​Eastridge plum collar boy

reserved​ Parker White Collar Girl

Delia and Yukon:  Delia is an F1 Goldendoodle meaning first cross (50% Golden and 50% poodle) and weighs about 45 pounds and Yukon is an AKC miniature poodle weighing about 18 pounds.  These puppies are F1b mini Goldendoodles.  Both parents have a curly coat, so we expect all of the puppies to be curly as well.  We expect most of the puppies to mature 25 to 35 pounds. We have seen some of the puppies as small as 16 pounds and a couple of the larger boys are close to 40 pounds.  These puppies were born on December 9th and we will be sending them home on February 5th.  Delia does have a past puppy button so you can see that her puppies are beautiful dogs!

​reserved Smith Purple Collar girl