reserved Jozefov boy 4 "Hollywood" Gray collar

Diva and Yukon:  These will be F1b generation Puppies.  Diva is a beautiful curly f1 Goldendoodle with hazel-green eyes and a liver nose weighing about 42 pounds.  The whole litter will be curly as both parents have two copies for curl on that locust.  These puppies were born on December 28th and will be ready for a new home the first week of March.  Yukon's puppies tend to range with moms of this size from 16 to 38 pounds with most being about 28-30 pounds.

Breeder hold​​"Charlie" Girl 1 White collar

reserved Knakel"Goose" Boy 3 Tan collar

reservedHolleyBoy 5 "Slider" light blue 

The "Top Gun" Litter

reservedHale "Ice Man" Boy 2 blue collar

reserved Ratliff "Maverick" Boy 1 black collar

breeder hold Girl 2 "Cougar" purple collar

Diva and Yukon's F1b Mini Goldendoodle puppies