Diva and Pele: These are F2b puppies.  Diva is an F1 and Pelé is a multigen but his breed percentage looks about like an F1b.  They will all have a wavy coat as Pelé has dominant furnishing but zero curl which is great!  They were born 5/29 and will be vetted on July 22nd and ready after that.  This is a first litter with these two parents but Diva has had some very smart and pretty puppies.  With the higher percentage of Goldenretreiver, I think they will weigh 30-35 but they might surprise me and be smaller.  They should also be low shedding if at all.

reservedKim"Quartz" boy 1 

"Copper" Boy 3 

Boy 2 "Granit" 

Diva and Pelé's F2b Mini Goldendoodle puppies