​reserved’‘Martineau” GrayCollar Male

​reserved “Candy”  Pink collar Female


This is a litter of six puppies that are F1b which means they are about 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle.  They have a 40 pound F1 Goldendoodle mom (first cross) and a toy poodle dad. We expect them to mature to a range of teens to 25 pounds.  They were born on June 25.   They will be ready for new homes on August 28th.  They will be micro-chipped, have a second round of vaccinations, and a very thorough exam just prior to leaving for their new homes, and be litter box trained.  We have had puppies with Dora before and I know some have done very well in advanced obedience training and passed OFA health exams.

​reserved “Fried” Drk Green Collar Male

Dora'S F1b Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Treva's F1BB Puppies

reserved “Aronson”Green Collar Male

reserved “Kish”Purple collar Female

​pendingWhite Collar Chocolate Female

Treva is an F1b Mini Goldendoodle that weighs about 28 pounds and the father is an AKC Mini poodle that is about 16 pounds.  Both parents genetically carry two alleles for curl and for dominant Furnishings.  Furnishings are the key ingredient to non-shedding.  With that covered, it is pretty much irrelevant as to what they have on other genetic locusts that are involved with hair traits.  So we know that all of the puppies in this litter will not shed and will have very curly coats.  I think these puppies will be quite small ranging from the teens to 20 pounds.  We have two full sisters to Treva in our program and are always delighted with the temperaments of their puppies.  This is Treva's first litter.

reserved ‘“Eubanks” Female Pink collar


​reserved “Johnson”Yellow Collar Female

​reserved”Lindsay” ​blue Collar Black Male

​reservedBrown Collar Parti Male "Shine"

Reserved ‘Navarro” Green Red Male

​reserved  “Watkins” Orange Collar Male

​reserved”Beard”Red Collar Chololate Male

​reserved“Lullo” Black Collar Male

reserved “Martinez”Blue Collar Parti Male