F1b Puppies

Reserved Black Female with a white chin.  Will have a wavy/curly coat.

Reserved Blue Merle Male with a wavy curly coat

Reserved Dark Blue Merle Female with a curly coat

‚ÄčReserved Solid Black male puppy with a wavy/curly coat

reserved Chocolate Merle female with a wavy curly coat

Bella Lumen and Pitot had a 

beautiful litter of 7 puppies.  This is a repeat breeding so we know the last litter of pups are all under 30 pounds with some as small as 20.  All were perfectly shaped and have that classic doodle look!

Born May 6th and all were placed in their new Homes in July:

Reserved Black Male puppy with a white foot. He may be a black phantom.  Will have a very curly coat.

reserved Chocolate Merle Male with a very curly coat