​reserved Coffee Chocolate Merle Female

​reserved "Verdi"Mocha Chocolate Male

reserved "Perez'Venti  Male

reserved "Tingle"Cold Brew Male

reserved Rosato​Java Chip  Female

​reserved Frappé Chocolate merle female

​reserved GlynnToffee Merle Female

This is a litter of F3 or multigenerational mini Goldendoodles. Both parents are F1b, the puppies breed percentages would look about the same but with the added benefit of knowing each puppy has two copies of dominant furnishings.   Which means that we know they are as low to non-shedding as possible.   We expect them to mature 20-25 pounds.   This was a special arrangement for us because my niece grew up with our foundation golden retriever who was Josie's grandmom. My niece loved this dog dearly.  So she has really enjoyed being Josie's guardian parent.  These puppies were born on August 25th and will be ready for new homes on October 20th.

​reservedPowersExpresso Merle male

reserved "Sain" Vanilla Latte Female

reservedPoole Machiatto Merle Male

The Starbucks Litter

Josie & Kramer