​​ Parsley Merle Girl

​reservedSage Tri-Color girl

​​​ Dill Merle Boy

F1B Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Rosemary Tri-Color girl

Basil Merle Tri-Color Girl

 Sugar brindle Tri-Color girl

​holdGinger Brindle Tri-Color girl

 Mom has a higher than usual percentage of Bernese at 64.1% and dad is our AKC mini poodle male Rosco.  The puppies would be about 36% Bernese and 64% Poodle which is a little higher Bernese than most f1b but with the benefits.  Some of these puppies will have two copies of dominant furnishings and that means as low to no shedding as a poodle.  We should have both wavy and curly coats.  We expect them to mature 30-45 pounds.  The puppies were born April 24th and will be ready to go June 24th. Please message for information.

​Fennel Merle Tri-Color Boy

​​​Oregano Merle Tri-Color Boy

The Spice Litter