Paris and Pelé

"Chardonnay" Girl 2 yellow paw collar 

This is a fun litter!  These are Multigenerational petite and mini Goldendoodle puppies with all three coat types possible.  We are currently running a genetics panel on each puppy so that we will know exact coat type and estimated adult weight.  I'm expecting teens to 28 pounds, although both parents are in the 20's.  Paris is a daughter of Buffy and Rosco and Pelé is the Son of Shelby and Duggy. Duggy is the son of Rou and Beckham. So its fun to see those grandparents and great grand parent traits passed on down the line. We certainly know that these little guys come from amazing dogs.  The female puppies may become available after we have the testing results back.  We will most likely be keeping one in our program, but will let the others go.

​reserved "Reisling" Boy 1 Drk Blue Paw Collar 

​reserved"Cablis" girl 3 Parti Orange Paw Collar 

​keeping​"Cabernet" Girl 1 Red Tux Red paw Collar 

Wine Litter