RESERVED "Vixen" Female Blue Merle

"Comet" Black Sable Male

Fibi's Petite Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Fibi is a Blonde f1b Goldendoodle that weighs in at 20-22 pounds.  Benji the dad is a sable blue merle poodle, he weighs about 8 pounds.  These puppies will be curly and quite small.  I will conservatively guess teens to 20 pounds but they may all stay in the teens.  They are looking pretty petite.  They are F1bb Goldendoodles which means about 12-15% Golden Retriever and 70-75% poodle.  Please contact us for pricing and reservation details.  The dark sable guy will likely change colors and develope a neat pattern which is a very unusual Goldendoodle color.

"Ralphie" Black Male Large White Chest

RESERVED "‚ÄčKringle" Black Male White dot on Chest

RESERVED "Tinker Bell" Black Female white Chest