​reserved"Ralph" Black Collar blonde and white male

​reserved "Pinky" yellow collar Dark sable female

​reserved "Chachi" orange collar Red and white boy

This is an exciting full parti litter with these parents! Parti means that the coat pattern is about 50% white.  Non-shedding coats are one quality that this entire litter will share as both parents carry two copies of dominant furnishings.  This is the most key factor involved in a non-shedding coat.  Sage is very focused on her owners and is never far away.  Gunner is a loving playful guy but both parents are snuggly couch potatoes.  Sage is normally 28 pounds and has a wavy-curly coat.  Gunner is 17 pounds and has a curly coat.  He looks red but is actually a chocolate sable.  He was born very dark brown and because of the sable color gene, he has changed colors as he has become an adult.  We do have two sable puppies in this litter that look a lot like Gunner did as a puppy. It will be fun to watch them grow and change colors.   I find that when you cross two doodles there is a range of sizes in the puppies.  However, I expect them to range from 20-30 pounds.

reserved“Richie”purple collar male

​reserved ​"Marion" light Blue collar Black and white female

 Sage and Gunner: Had their litter of 7 Puppies on Jan 2nd.  These puppies will be ready for new homes around Feb 27th.

​reserved "Fonzie" Red Collar Choco & white male

"​Joanie" Dark blue collar dark sable female