Green collar boy “Gulliver”

Black collar boy “Gatsby”

​reservedred collar boy “Jekyll”

​reservedBlue collar boy “Huckleberry”

Silver's F1b Puppies

yellow collar girl “Scarlet”

reservedWattRed Collar girl “Rye”

reservedKeen Pink Collar “Mockingbird”

Silver is an F1 which means she's a first-generation Goldendoodle (50%poodlex50% Golden retriever).  She has a sweet calm temperament that everyone loves.  The father of this litter is Rosco our AKC mini poodle.  He's a playful, fun, and outgoing little guy that is very friendly.   We expect these puppies to mature in the range of 25 to 35 pounds.  They were born May 8th and we will send them to new homes close to July 9th. 

Yellow male “Hyde”