We enjoy taking our dogs with us when we can.  So we have gravitated to the smaller minis. They are much more portable!

I have always enjoyed working with animals and worked as a Veterinarian Tech through high school and college.  I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology.  I now work as an Independent Contractor as a Biologist.   Raising Goldendoodles is a hobby and I enjoy looking at canine color and trait genetics.  I really enjoy taking that information and creating the best possible Goldendoodles.  I enjoy selecting for unusual colors and certain hair traits. I also like training our dogs and like to get AKC obedience titles on them as well as train for tracking.

We are Joe and Renee Bellafato.  We have lived in Chelsea AL for over 20 years.  We have horses and enjoy several other outdoor activities.  I have always enjoyed having dogs but Joe has dog allergies.  That is what led us to the Goldendoodle.  He still has mild reactions to our first cross doodles but does not have any issues with the later generations.   

Our Doodle Story