These are some of the "dads" that we use in our program.  Most are not owned by us but some are.  Please contact about the availability of Stud service.

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Yukon is such a stout well built miniature poodle.  He is an outgoing friendly guy.  He has excellent genetics, both on being clear of disease and having dominant furnishings, two copies of curl and zero shed alleles.  His puppies tend to be calm and easy to train.  He often passes on the parti gene which means his puppies sometimes have white on them.  He also carries brown and will produce chocolate puppies as well if the mom also carries that color.

Bella Mini Goldendoodles Pelé

Pelé is such a neat boy.  He was a very easy going puppy and has my favorite coat type.  He genetically has two dominant furnishings but no curl in his coat.  I think that always makes them look like puppies.  With two furnishings there is still some wavy to the coat but its a neat look and lower maintenance.  He's genetically clear of inheritable genetic disorders but does have one copy of the linkage test IVDD.  He has two copies of parti, carries merle as well as one copy for brown.  He's about 18 pounds.


This guy is probably the cutest puppy we have ever seen!  He is very outgoing and friendly, never meeting a stranger.  He is a chocolate parti but carries the sable gene which has made his chocolate coloring look more red.  He is a multigen from two f1b parents.  His breed percentage testing looks just like an f1b and he has dominant furnishings, two copies of spotting and a curly coat.  He is a lanky 17 pounds.  

Milo is a sweet fun loving guy with a wavy coat and is about 20 pounds.  He has two dominant furnishings and is genetically clear of everything but one copy of IVDD.  Which is just a linkage test and unimportant since he is clear of CDPA and is shaped perfectly. He carries parti, merle and high red intensity (he's an 8 out of 10).

Bella Mini's Dublin

Dublin is such an outgoing tiny doodle.  He really doesn't meet a stranger and loves children.  His coat is soft as could be and he genetically has one copy of curl (wavy) with two dominant furnishings.  He has two alleles for both brown and parti.  He is about 14 pounds.  He does have one copy for the linkage test IVDD but clear of CDPA as well all disorders associated with golden retrievers or poodles.  He is a carrier for DCM1 which is a doberman pincher heart issue. (Many dogs are carriers of autosomal recessive genetic disorders; you just dont mate two of them together.)

Bella Mini Goldendoodles Milo

  Barbaras Aubie Jackpot PR20423304

Aubie is an AKC registered beautiful dark red poodle.  He comes from non-fading lines and actually is a black phantom hidden by his red genes.  His parents are German imports and are gorgeous dogs.  That is his father in the last picture.  He is about 16 pounds and is one of those "velcro" poodles.  He loves everyone and would prefer to be snuggled up on the couch with you over playing with other dogs.  He was also selected after a good bit of searching to be one of our dads.  He is "clear' of genetic diseases through parentage meaning neither of his parents are carriers of any diseases.  We tested his furnishings and shed alleles through paw prints lab and have recently completed a full Embark panel.