​reservedNelson"Clover" Male Blue collar

St. Patricks Day

​reservedClark "Charm" male yellow collar

Liddie-Bell's  Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

​reserved"Rainbow" purple collar female

​reserved"Shamrock"  Male Orange Collar

This litter will mature teens to 25 pounds.  Both parents have two copies of dominant furnishings so they will be as non shedding as any poodle.  Liddie-bell is a daughter of Rou and Kramer and has that wonderful calm disposition of her father.   Dublin is our little Shelby's grandson and he has a wonderful disposition too.  They will have wavy-curly coats and my favorite no curl coat.  It will still be curly because of the dominant furnishings but a loose perfect wave as an adult.  That type coat always looks like a puppy, which is really what people love...   Puppies were born January 19th and will be 8 weeks old March  16th.

​reserved"Emerald" Male green collar.

​"Paddy" Male red collar