"Jazzy" female red paw collar

​reserved"King Cake" male blue paw collar

"​Moon Pie" female orange paw collar

F1 Mini/medium  Bernedoodle Puppies

​reserved"Beads" female purple paw collar

​reserved"Jester" male green paw collar

 Gorgeous litter of Bernedoodle puppies born on December 25th.  These are F1 puppies so we know that usually means that even though the dad is  a mini poodle that they will be 30-45 pounds.  Lilly is the mom and she's is your typical happy loyal Bernese mountain dog.  She is a little smaller than most at about 75 pounds.  Dad is Mario a pretty happy little red and white mini poodle guy that carries the perfect genetics to make gorgeous Bernedoodles.  They are all perfectly marked with the hard to get tri-color pattern and some of them are Tri-colored merles as well!  They will all be wavy/curly as adults.  They will be eight weeks old on February 19th and we will send them out shorty after then.

​reserved"Parade" female yellow paw collar.

Mardi Gras