Pellet Litter Box Training

The pellets that our pups are accustomed to using are equine stall pellets readily available at Tractor Supply.  

Finally used pellets are quite handy to get your puppy to use a certain place outside.  In fact, I have noticed that when they simply don't seem to be focusing on the job at hand; a visit to a pellet pile seems to jar their memory!

 To aid in house training your puppy we use a process called "pellet training".  Puppies just simply can not hold their bowels and bladder for very long at the time until they are quite a bit older.  However, they do develop texture preferences.  Basically, whatever they become accustomed to bathrooming on at an early age sticks with them.  They will briefly look for that substance as they get older and can move around.  When you pick up your puppy from us it will associate Equine Pine Stall pellets with "relieving" themselves.  You can use this to your advantage in several ways.

The photo above shows another great way to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble.  I think the best way to deal with bad habits is to prevent them!  We often baby gate a small area off and provide the pup with a litter box.  Mid-play session our pup is pictured here visiting her litter box.

You can avoid getting up at night to take your puppy on bathroom breaks and can keep him safe and out of trouble by keeping him in an exercise pen or an oversized kennel with a tray of pellets.  The picture above shows two sleeping puppies in their exercise pen with a bed, lots of toys and a plastic tray full of pine pellets.  You can even see the powdery area in the pellets where one of the pups has relieved herself.