"Cable Knit" Boy yellow reflective collar

​reservedTorres"Angora" girl Hot pink paw collar

reservedDunnam"Down" boy light blue paw collar

This is a gorgeous litter of Red abstract and red Parti puppies.  The term Parti means that the coat is 50% white.  Reba is an F1b and about 28 pounds she is a Bailey daughter.  We have kept several of Bailey's puppies in our program because she has such a wonderful disposition.  Pelé is about 18 pounds and is a multigen meaning his parents are both goldendoodles.  He is actually our little petite girl Shelby's puppy.  The puppies are considered F3 or Multigen.  We know the entire litter will have that classic wavy curly goldendoodle coat.  Both of these parents have two dominant furnishings which is the key coat ingredient for non shedding so we know the entire litter will have that as well.  They were born December 17th and will be vetted February 23rd.

​reserved"Berber" Boy brown paw collar

Parti Goldendoodle with no curl

Comfy Sweaters Litter

reserved "Melange" Girl baby pink paw collar

reserved"Alpaca" Girl lime paw collar

​reserved"Viscose" girl Teal Paw collar

​reserved"Lycra" boy red paw collar

​reserved"Merino" Boy black paw collar

Reba and Pelé Mini Goldendoodles

reservedMary"Faux Fur" grey paw collar