Salon Day

"Frosted" red paw female

​reserved"Highlights" orange paw female

"Shampoo" light pink paw collar female

​reserved"Dye" yellow paw collar female

Belle and Dublin

"Curl" green paw collar male

"Style" light blue paw collar male

Belle lives with my parents and my mom is a retired Beautician. These puppies were born and being raised in her salon which is right off of her family room.  So I couldn't resist the name theme :-)

Little miss Belle has excellent hip, elbow and petella scores and is a tiny little f1b petite goldendoodle at 15 pounds.  This is her first litter and Dublins second.  He is a tiny guy at only 11.5 pounds with that perfect wavy coat.  A very nice litter with all of the puppies guaranteed to have two copies of dominant furnishings.  That means they will all be as non shedding as any poodle and about the same size as a mini poodle!  They were born on February 6th and will be 8 weeks old April 3rd.  We have both wavy and curly pups.